With my unique services I promote value to people with passion and enthusiasm. As an EXPERT A�in the field of Self Development and Spiritual Growth I am able to help you to explore your maximum potential to achieve your goals.

I am a ‘Conscious Spiritual Evolution’ teacher and healer, not connected with any one religious belief or sect. I have a PhD in the Science of Metaphysics and I’ve been helping people since over 25 years.

My clients who come from all walks of life, men and women, both private and professionals, managers, executives and trainers, appreciate my genuine clear practical approach to self development which is based on intuitive healing, practical methods and exercises, based on self experience, and my over 45 decades of studies of ancient Indian scriptures of knowledge and wisdom plus modern scientific discoveries. My training is flexible according to each unique individual need.

My clients leave me with a clear vision for their future, an in depth understanding of themselves and their loved ones, with new goals for their work life, happy to be who they are, doing what they are doing. My metaphysical work includes energy healing, aura cleansing, karmic cleansing, activation of the intuition, clearing away limiting mental and emotional issues, activating the pineal gland, connecting with the soul and the higher self. All my clients inevitably go back inspired and revitalised, to live their life with mastery and joy. As we have entered the era of the feminine power, I particularly love to help women entrepreneurs, leaders and managers. Men entrepreneurs and leaders are welcome too.

If you’d still like to know more in detail about who I am, please visit this page to read about my background, beliefs and work. Visit my other websites to discover more about my work and services. See Links on the right side of this page.

Dr. Margo



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Margo Kirtikar Ph.D. in the Science of Metaphysics. Spiritual Teacher, Life Coach, Guide, Mentor, Therapist and Author. Expert in the field of Self Development and Conscious Spiritual Evolution.
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