21 May 2011

Time is accelerating, chaos is escalating on every level and everyone is swept along with the fast waves of change, heads spinning experiencing the highs and the lows, one way or another. Humankind is responsible for so much wrong in this world that has to be put right. Ignorance and insanity seem to rule the day. It is now time and thank God the signs are out there. People as well as nature are rebelling. Many are confused uncertain of the future while others live in denial and continue with their habitual life unaffected by the changes… Continue reading

he Dalai Lama has called forth 10,000 monks
to help initiate the teachings of The Buddha Maitreya.
This is the first time in history that a Dalai Lama
has conducted this blessing, intended to elevate love and
compassion for all people.Log in to this website A�and breathe as one.

Elevate is collaborating with DoAsOne.com to a�?Elevate Unitya�� through breath.

This is an activation for all faiths, all people, all life!

Enter the “Universal Breathing Room.”
Then simply visualize your body, speech and mind being purified
and aligning with your… Continue reading

January 6, 2011

Part Two

In continuation of part one where I explained briefly the cosmic wondrous cyclic events in our universe, Ia��d like to give you here an important tool with which you can optimize your potentials to join in the evolutionary shift of humanity, to discover the magnificent unique divine part of you that is willing to move forward to where we are going as one human family.

The main idea is for you to get rid of as much negativity in your life as possible, to get rid of fear, anger, resentments, envy, guilt, insecurities, and the… Continue reading

strong>Part One

According to the Hindu tradition we are witnessing, as we near 2012, the end of one of the most important cycles on earth which span approx. 4.3 million years known as Kali Yuga, a cycle of chaos, as we enter into a new cycle known as Satya Yuga, referred to as a cycle of the Golden Age. At the same time, according to the Mayan calendar, a much smaller cosmic cycle of approx. 26a��000 will also be coming to an end on December 21, 2012 when the Mayan calendar stops,… Continue reading

More than ever I think that it is important during these confusing chaotic times that we are going through, to see some clarity through the onslaught of the many veils of deception on every level, that we are bombarded with. A�So Ia��d like to talk to you about religious beliefs and spirituality. As I see it, being religious is more often than not confused with being spiritual. Some people are of the opinion that anyone who is religious is automatically a very spiritual person, is automatically, a God fearing person who can do and say no wrong at all. Unfortunately,… Continue reading

Just a few words to say thank you for all the comments that I receive in appreciation of my blog from all around the globe. I am glad that you find my blog helpful, inspiring, educational, spiritual, informative, motivating, interesting and more. If you’d like to be informed then please do register your email and you’ll receive an update of A�my blog automatically. A�If you are not familiar very much with the metaphysical world, may I suggest that you buy my book Visions Unusual which is an excellent compact introduction and gives you a good overview of the metaphysical world.… Continue reading


Margo Kirtikar Ph.D. in the Science of Metaphysics. Spiritual Teacher, Life Coach, Guide, Mentor, Therapist and Author. Expert in the field of Self Development and Conscious Spiritual Evolution.
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