Spiritual meaning

What to many religious people of different cultures has a spiritual meaning in an event called the blood moon, is known to NASA scientists as a total Lunar Eclipse Tetrad that are quite common in occurrence. Some pop culture books and new webs sites refer to this as a rare occurrence. Astronomer, however, know lunar eclipses happen year after year.

The moon turns red when the earth is directly between the sun and the moon, eartha��s shadow falling on the moon in a total lunar eclipse. The reddish hue is a reflection of the sun peeking around the edges of the earth during an eclipse. Astronomers often say it looks blood red. They do not use the term blood moon. Nevertheless some people believe it to have a spiritual meaning heralding in the a�?end of daysa�� marking the start of disaster, based on a passage in the bible, which reads: a�?The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and the terrible day of the Lord comes.a�?
spiritual meaning and blood moon
Vedic astrology is an ancient science in India, which has a minimum of 5000 years of unbroken practice behind it, do not observe an eclipse having any spiritual meaning. However, they believe that planetary movements do effect earth and its gravitational pull, all living beings including sea tides. Hindus believe that during the solar eclipse there is a strong negative charge loading on the earth and all its beings.

Astrologically speaking, solar and lunar eclipses are signs of change. In the six months to a year following an eclipse, one can expect accelerated changes in the realm of family, home, as well as our emotional needs and habits. Where the change occurs in our life depends on how the eclipses interact in our own birth chart. You could attach a spiritual meaning to this. It has been observed that people in general are not at their peak performance as our brain functions at half speed on eclipse days. They advise that life will be easier if you avoid major decisions, such as signing contracts, marriages, travel, by keeping your commitments low and taking care of your health. The Vedic teachings also advise to be as kind and compassionate as you can be.

There is a spiritual meaning of numbers. The years 2015 adds up to the number 8 which is the number of infinity. 8 is also the goal of the initiate, having gone through the 7 stages of self transformation. Therea��s a spiritual meaning of the number 8 in many cultures, felicity, regeneration, resurrection, rebirth and perfect rhythm. In some myths the eight day created the new man of grace.

As we continue through the great cosmic shift we humanity are going through a frequency shift in our consciousness. It is predicted that we are now nearing this highly significant time period at the end of this month in September and the second blood moon of this year, a very rare conjunction is a one in two thousand year phenomenon. The next one will be in 600 years time. Many mystical traditions attach a spiritual meaning to this event and see it as an omen for us to mend our ways. This is a very good time to meditate and to transform the Self.